I'm Jon Dennis, also known as graphicworks, a
freelance graphic designer.

I provide design services for screen and print media. I’m passionate about design and how effectively information communicates with target audiences.


Visual Design

User Interface and icon creation, interaction design, planning and wireframing, screen presentations.


Conversion of design visuals into website template code.


Logo and corporate identity design, graphic design for print media.

About Me

I've been working in the creative industry for twenty years, the last twelve as a freelancer. I encountered graphical user interface design for new media in 1996 and have worked in this area ever since.

My approach to design is to ensure information communicates effectively, which is fundamental to positive user experiences. I listen to requirements, make suggestions, and create compelling designs.

I work extremely well with software developers and programmers. I'm flexible to different working methods so developers can concentrate on what they do best.

The development languages I've integrated front-end code with include .NET, PHP, and Java; with tons of experience working with frameworks and content management systems.

I spend a lot of my time working remotely; this has been in an old factory, a disused airbase, a barn in the heart of Europe. I'm currently working from the No.73 co-working studio in Witney, Oxfordshire, and work on client sites when needed.

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I'm available for freelance and contract work from March 2017. The best way to contact me is on:
+44 (0) 7941 339 624

Alternatively send me an email, find me on LinkedIn, or say hello on Twitter.